Process Painting™

  • Allows and accepts what is
  • Quiets the mind chatter
  • Allows for Self discovery
  • Ignites creativity
  • Energizes the soul

What is Process Painting™?

Process Painting™ uses art to improve a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The creative process of expressing one’s self artistically helps individuals of all ages to resolve issues as well as develop and manage their behaviors and feelings, reduce stress, and improve self-esteem and awareness. No need to be talented or an artist to receive the benefits. Mistakes cannot be made and there are no rules.

That’s because this experience is generated from how you feel rather than what you think.  The feeling tone is expressed through your brush strokes, allowing your intuition to freely emerge. The experience keeps you in the present moment, while quieting the busy mind and allowing you to focus from the heart. The process is a metaphor and becomes a mirror of your life. You will witness the colors on the canvas and your emotions flowing hand in hand as your story unfolds and you free yourself. Like magic your self confidence will emerge through this gentle eye openings experience helping you to become the best version of yourself.

Don’t hold it in… paint it out!


Through Process Painting™, you remember who you are and you experience your authentic self.   The world of painting is a new beginning, a new journey that will guide you back to inner peace. Painting experience is not required.

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Your Experience

Go with the flow and surrender to the fun of self-expression without control.

Do you easily feel overwhelmed? 

While feeling overwhelmed is fairly common, many of us are unable to sort it out. Yet, there is hope. Process Painting™ allows you freedom to move your energy to a higher vibration. It’s a way to release the tense feelings that lives within us.

Is your life going by too fast?

We live in a complex, fast-moving and high-energy society.  Getting through each day with ease seems remote since we barely have time to breathe.

Process Painting™ brings us into the present state of time, allowing us to slow down, breathe, and feel alive.

Are you restless?

Do you always have to be active?  Is your mind always looking ahead to the next best event or looking behind at the things you missed?

To find peace within, Process Painting™ can soothe the soul, relax the mind and allow the body to calm down and enjoy.

Do you wish to speak your mind but find it too challenging?

Are you unable to ask for what you want?  Do you choose to be silent in fear of rejection?

Explore free expression and creativity with Process Painting™. Your courage will be seen and heard through your colors, strokes and imagination.

Do you feel you have no choices?

We box ourselves in through our patterns, thoughts and actions.  Process Painting™ shifts our belief system.  The freedom of creativity sets up an environment to express your inner wisdom.  Process Painting™  is a metaphor for life. If you find the courage to be brave, take risks, and explore creativity, you will bring more peace into your daily routine.

About Marion

Everyone is born an artist.  As a pre-K teacher for 12 years, I witnessed children pick up paint brushes, crayons, chalk, or markers with ease and freedom from any doubts about their art. They ventured into the unknown with curiosity and creativity because they were being who they were naturally.

As a coach, I found that once we reach adulthood we change and lose our ambition to create art, as we judge and doubt our abilities.  Re-experiencing our creativity allows for self-expression. This opens a gateway that expands awareness and allows room for more love and compassion for yourself and others.

Through gentle guidance, I will help you navigate from your mind and open your heart to unlock your authentic self. Process Painting™ opens your imagination beyond your wildest dreams. Tapping into your inner artist helps you to feel as free as a pre-school child who feels the uninhibited joy to express.

My goal is to shift the world from fear to love with self expression and creativity through Process Painting™.

My Speciality As a Coach

I will help you discover your true self through experiencing Process Painting™.  By tapping into your subconscious mind where your weaker thoughts and beliefs are buried, you will shed light and shift your perception to a more positive, user friendly you.

Process Painting™  is designed to quiet your mind and bring more awareness helping you live happily in the present moment using the way you respond to life’s challenges.


What people are saying about the Process Painting™ Experience

Through my intuitive painting session facilitated by Marion Bodner with Paint Talks, I was able to break through my emotional barriers to find my voice and courage on the other side. It was a fun, creative and meaningful experience.
When I find myself with mind chatter I go to Marion and I get to paint out my chaos. Then I am more grounded and Balanced. Marion’s encouragement helps me to express myself.
Amazing! That’s what I have to say about Marion and her art therapy business. I had a stroke several years ago and have struggled to find my new life. I found it with Marion. She makes you think about things going on in your life differently…be more open to every possibility, she’s wonderful. My mom says Marion woke me up! You should let her wake you up too.


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Individual and Group Pricing Available

Now it’s time for you to expand, express, and, experience the power of Process Painting™ from your heart, your feelings, your voice, your eyes.

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